This is the type of training that individuals working as armed private security guards must receive every year. The purpose of education; It is to eliminate practical problems that may occur during their duties by increasing the security and shooting skills of armed private security guards in situations that require them to use weapons. It is a form of shooting training that prioritizes individual attention, consists of theoretical and practical parts, and is given entirely by our professional shooting expert trainers.

Law No. 5188 and regulation In-service training shootings, which are mandatory to be carried out by private security guards at least once a year; As Ideal Private Security Training Institution, we make each security officer shoot a minimum of 25 shots in the range environment. In these shootings to be carried out in the range environment, our candidates can use three different diameter pistols, 7.65mm, short 9mm and long 9mm, registered in our institution's inventory, or they can shoot with pistols registered in the inventory of the institution they work for. In addition, if desired, all pistols belonging to the institution we serve can be maintained and repaired by our institution's Weapons Maintenance Expert after the completion of in-service shooting training.


During our shooting, our First Aid Specialist institution doctor stands ready throughout the entire shooting at the shooting range, while shooting safety and personal health are prioritized. 5 different shooting experts work in 5 different lanes in the range environment where the shooting will take place, and our shooting training takes place in 2 stages under the control of our shooting experts.

1 stage: Theoretical Weapon Knowledge

In the theoretical section, the details of shooting and aiming are examined, while the mechanical structure of the gun is also examined in detail.

Stage 2: Applied Shooting Training

In order to eliminate the problems that may occur due to weapon differences, shooting is done with 3 different types of guns with a diameter of 7.65 mm, short 9 mm and long 9 mm. As a result of the shots, what needs to be done for a more perfect shot is analyzed and individual mistakes and points they need to pay attention to are pointed out again. As a result of all these, individual shooting skills are maximized.

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