Results of exam

When Will Private Security Exam Results Be Announced?

Generally, private security exam results are announced within 2 to 3 weeks after the exam. After the exam results are announced, you can visit the link below to learn your individual results.

How Long Will It Take for My Certificate to Be Issued?

Certificates of trainees who successfully complete the private security exam are usually prepared and delivered to our office within 7 to 10 days following the announcement of the exam results.

Exam Result

What to Do After Receiving the Certificate?

After receiving the private security certificate, our training consultants will explain in detail the steps you need to apply for a private security ID card.

There are two different methods to apply for a private security ID card. The first is the application made through the e-government platform. The other one is to apply physically to the relevant organization by hand. Both methods will be explained to you in detail by our training consultants, so you can easily complete the private security ID card application.

Note: After completing your private security ID card application, Ankara Private Security Inspection Department will evaluate your application and when approved, your ID card will be printed and sent to your address via PTT. Contact us to learn more about this process.

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