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60 Hours Armed Private Security Renewal Training

Armed Renewal Training


Armed Private Security Renewal TrainingPrivate security personnel who have previously received an armed private security certificate or have an armed private security identity card are subject to expiration of their identity card. minimum 6 months, maximum 1 year It is a 9-day training that lasts 60 hours in total.

The courses you will take in your 9-day training are as follows;

7 days Refresher Lessons (50 hours): You will see refresher courses such as Private Security Law, Effective Communication, Security Measures, Fire Information, Crowd Management, Person Protection, General Law Enforcement Relations, Drug Information, Basic First Aid, Security Systems and Devices, with visual slide and video training support.

2 days Weapons Training Lessons (10 hours): In weapon training classes, you receive theoretical and visual training on the first day. On the 2nd day, your training is completed by shooting live at the range.

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